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Jean Joslyn

Jean Joslyn, Principal

Jean Joslyn, Principal


Ms. Joslyn is a Principal in CCG. Prior to joining in October, 2000, she was a Director in the Information Technology Division of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Care Consulting Services Practice. She was the designated co-leader of the Firm’s Data Warehousing/Decision Support Systems Consulting Services.

Ms. Joslyn joined the former Coopers & Lybrand in January, 1986, after selling decision support software for a leading vendor for four years. In addition, she has ten years of hospital experience in management and systems positions, for a total of thirty years in health care.


  • Decision Support
    • Eighteen years of experience with Decision Support Systems and strategy.
    • Knowledge of the functional and technical aspects of several different decision support software packages.
    • Served as facilitator for large managed care organization to develop DSS mission statement, strategic and tactical goals for use of their system.
    • Performed decision support readiness assessments for a number of community and teaching hospitals.
    • Managed decision support selection engagements for numerous institutions.
    • Managed the installation of a micro-based decision support product in several client sites.
    • Managed implementations, cost accounting studies and provided strategic advice for use of the Eclipsys (TSI), McKesson/HBOC and HCm decision support systems.
    • Managed cost standards development engagements for community and teaching institutions.
    • Developed methodology utilized by PwC in DSS selection engagements.
    • Wrote user documentation for a decision support system.
    • Developed costing allocation methodology for a large teaching hospital’s information systems operations department.


  • System Selection & Contract Negotiations
    • Managed a number of selection engagements for community hospitals and multi-entity organizations


  • Behavioral Health
    • Managed an engagement to provide planning, selection and implementation services to one of the largest behavioral health organizations in the nation.
    • Managed an engagement to provide planning and vendor evaluation services to an MSO for three large behavioral health organizations.
    • managed an engagement to merge process and information technology for a large academic-medical center’s inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services.


  • Information Technology Strategic Planning
    • Participated in and managed numerous strategic information systems planning engagements for single hospitals, integrated delivery networks and academic medical centers.


  • Computerized Patient Record Development
    • Managed an engagement for a large integrated delivery system to evaluate their readiness to implement a CPR, system requirements, and strategy for implementation.


  • Patient Billing
    • Managed an engagement to identify causes for excessive days in accounts receivable for a resort-based hospital. Made recommendations for issue resolution, developed statistical measures for progress, and provided support for recruitment of a new Manager.
    • Participated in implementation of the McKesson/HBOC Medipac patient management and patient billing systems for a multi-entity group, including review of reporting requirements, system and integrated testing procedures, workflow processes, and conversion procedures.
    • Developed HBOC/Medipac patient billing training materials, and led training of hospital staff.
    • Led project to develop a system to comply with new Medicaid billing requirements. Developed clinical forms to capture the needed data for Medicaid billing, trained medical and clerical staff in proper input procedures, and brought the system up within the two month deadline.
    • Designed and installed a new Emergency Room billing system, resulting in a large increase in collections.


  • Other Health Care
    • Provided technical and clerical assistance on Management Engineering projects in Medical Records, Laundry, Patient Billing, Outpatient Clinics and the Emergency Room of a 750-bed urban teaching hospital.
    • Managed an engagement in which C&L provided expert testimony for attorneys in support of a major health care supplier.


  • B.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Summa Cum Laude
  • M.S., Healthcare Systems Management, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y.

Speeches and Publications:

  • Led a pre-conference workshop and provided the keynote speech for the AIC conference on cost accounting in New Orleans, February, 1997 and Chicago, September, 1997.
  • Speech on trends in Decision Support Systems for the Philadelphia HFMA Chapter, February, 1997.
  • Presentation on Strategic Information Systems Planning, Kentucky HFMA Spring Seminar, Lexington, Kentucky, April, 1997.
  • Keynote speech for the HBOC Decision Support User Group in Baltimore, June 4, 1997.
  • “Executive Decision Support,” presentation for Clinical Computing for Integrated Health Care Networks, sponsored by the University of Utah School of Medicine, Park City, Utah, September 6, 1997.
  • “Ascertaining the Costs of Cardiac Care to Prepare for Capitation,” presentation at AIC Conference on Capitation & Cost Analysis for Cardiac Services, Chicago, November, 1997.
  • “Decision Support Systems – the Great Enabler,” speech for HFMA Baltimore, January 16, 1998.
  • “Administrative Decision Support and Cost Accounting,” presentation for Seminars in Clinical Computing: Update 1998, sponsored by the University of Utah School of Medicine, Park City, Utah, August 20, 1998.


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