Cavanaugh Consulting Group

Interim Management and Critical Project Management


The turnover in experienced Chief Information Officers, Chief Medical Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers has left many health care organization with staffing gaps when they can least afford them.

CCG has very senior staff including CIO’s that have led some of the nations largest health systems, Physician Informaticists with experience leading physician adoption and Information Technologists knowledgeable in the latest tools and techniques.  We have assisted large and small hospitals with interim staff while a replacement is identified. We have also assisted hospitals with determining the skills required for a successful candidate and helped with the recruiting and candidate interview process.



On time and within budget projects have become even more critical with the complexity, scope and deadlines imposed by government mandates such as:

  • The “meaningful use” provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA/HITECH)
  • The implementation of ICD-10
  • The security and privacy requirements of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Implementation involves more than installation. Our implementation oversight services focus on achieving a smooth transition through effective project management, training & communication.   Our approach features: A well-defined project organization and reporting relationships among CCG staff, the project team(s) and client management at all levels. Proven guidelines for status reporting, management review and change management.   Act as a “Problem Solver” when unexpected system or personnel problems appear (they almost always do!). Senior level consultants who have worked with complex health systems and have experienced differing approaches. The benefit of our approach is a predictable project that allows management control of timing and customization while providing end users the opportunity to integrate the new capabilities into business operations. We can also function in an advisory oversight role. The client, vendor, and other consultants may staff the project. The value we offer is in bringing focused experience at an executive level to a critical project. Our effort can range from full time as the executive project manager to monthly attendance at key project meetings.